About Investo

Investo coin is been use in very different utilities.
Investo is a very big Organization which includes different businesses within it – we are big in NFT’s which use in metaverse, & DeFi. And now to make INVESTO more bigger, we’re heading towards the crypto market, we are introducing our own crypto exchange and gaming platforms for users. And of course we will be focusing to make our coin acceptable worldwide through our systems.


Direct-To-Consumer Decentralize Platform.

Investo as an investment would be the best coin you can put into your portfolio. When you invest in our coin, you invest in our businesses (NFT, METAVERSE, DeFi, EXCHANGE, GAMING, etc.) and our organisation believes in long term wealth creation for our investors. This is the investment you want to make for stable and high growth returns in the midterm time.


Investo Benifits

One of the biggest benefits of cryptocurrency is that it encourages innovation. And where’s there’s innovation, there’s breakthroughs for humanity.


Centralize Network
  • Traditional centralized banks can be unreliable. If you use mobile banking and their servers are down, you can’t access your finances unless you go to a local ATM and withdraw money in paper cash. The issue here is that ATMs can be out-of-service as well, especially for people located in developing nations.


Decentralize Network
  • On the other hand, cryptocurrencies never go out of service as they use automated systems since their software by nature does not require too many human interactions or interventions. Therefore, they are accessible every time of the day, including the weekend and holidays.


Centralize Network
  • Just imagine the hassle you would have to go through. If you’re in a time-sensitive situation and you need money, but your bank's mobile app is ‘on maintenance’. It’s unpredictable, but it worries a lot of people. It’s ironic that you entrust your money to banks and in return, they end up becoming gatekeepers of your finances.


Decentralize Network
  • Today, cryptocurrencies are usually bought through crypto exchange platforms and stored in safe and secure crypto-wallets like TronLink Pro or Ledger. These digital currencies are decentralized, and they operate in a very secure way. All you need is your computer or your mobile phone and an internet connection.

Investo Tokens Details

Token Sale I
Token Sale II
Latoken (Round 1)
Token Sale III
Latoken (Round 2)
Token Sale IV
Latoken (Round 3)
Latoken Listing

Token Allocation Forecast

  • 60%Token Sale Program
  • 8%Reserve Fund
  • 15%Team and Founders
  • 4%Board Advisors
  • 6%Marketing and Bounty
  • 7%Ecosystem Development
  • 45%Product Develoment
  • 10%Business Development
  • 15%Marketing
  • 7%Legal & Regulation
  • 10%Partner/Investor
  • 8%Operational
  • 5%Contingency

Our Official Partner

According to the research firm InWara, LATOKEN is the largest IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) market. Since 2017, LATOKEN has reportedly connected 130+ startups with 400,000 platform users and 1.5 million visitors per month. LA serves as the native asset for the LATOKEN exchange and is used for trading cryptoassets while enhancing liquidity on the LATOKEN exchange.

Our Technology Services

We are the financial partner of one leading company in Logistic Services, we will get the benefit of it here. Together we are soon going to become the leading organization in Online Games and NFT.

Online Gaming

This is the era of virtuality, here people enjoy playing highly graphical games.


Whatever payment they will take or give will be done only through Investo in the upcoming time.


We are going to be a leading company in NFT Creation in the coming time.


Technology is our future and Blockchain is one of the most advanced technology in it.


2021 Q2
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
2021 Q3
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Plan
  • White paper conpletion
2021 Q4
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Building the MVP
2022 Q1
  • Seed funding raised
2022 Q2
IEO Launch
  • Pre-sale open for public
  • 40% Coins are available for public IEO
2022 Q3
Coin Listing
  • Exchange Listing
  • We are listing on Latoken World biggest Exchange
2022 Q4
  • Realtime Uses Of Investo
  • Accepting payment in Staking Program, Gaming, NFT, Exchange & Educational System


Investo’s working on this projects

Investo's crypto exchange. INVESTO, presents you their own exchange, in which Investo will lead the market in liquidity and quality.
Investo's staking coin project. INVESTO family believe in long-term wealth, but at the same time we know, all need some regular income. So, that we can provide to our families and for ourselves. So, with this we are bringing our self-owned product of Investo.
Investo's online fantasy gaming platform. Gaming is a really big business into the world right now and is going to get huge into the coming future. So, we INVESTO - presents you our own gaming platform beginning with fantasy sports gaming and then leading to VR GAMING.
Investo invests. - Everything cannot be done by single firm, understanding this - we are launching INVESTO's own VC firm, in which we invest our funds into the future of crypto and technology.

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Investo Coin is a Currency and is focused to make you great wealth in the coming future and benefit you in different utilities.

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